Due to the varied nature of our work, we use many facilities around the world. We have facilities at Studsvik in Sweden, as well as at the ISOLDE facility at CERN in Geneva. We also collaborate with groups at the Oak Ridge facility in the United states of America.

Facilities at Oxford
In Oxford, we have a dedicated Helium-3 dilution refrigerator which routinely attains temperatures as low at 8 milliKelvin, and by using Adiabatic demagnetisation techniques, is capable of cooling to around 2 milliKelvin. This facility is 'Off line' meaning that samples have to be produced elsewhere, then brought to the Oxford fridge for experiments. This limits the kind of samples we can study in Oxford to those with half lives greater than about 12 hours.

The Fridge

Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford

Facilities at Studsvik
In Studsvik, we also have a dedicated Helium-3 dilution refrigerator, but this device is 'On line', meaning that the activity to be studied is actually implanted in a foil which is inside the fridge, already at milliKelvin temperatures. This means that very short half life isotopes (of order a few minutes) can be studied, in conjunction with the OSIRIS ion beam facility.

Connection with CERN
The ISOLDE ion beam facility at CERN is of great use to us in the preparation of samples for study off line at Oxford.