NMR/ON near Doubly Magic 132Sn

132Sn has both its proton and neutron shells closed, and so nearby nuclei should show strong single-particle shell model behaviour. Nuclear properties in this region are therefore a good test of a model which couples single particles to a vibrational core and should give an insight into the underlying physics.

We have measured the magnetic moments of 129,131,133Sb and 131,133Tem in a series of NMR/ON experiments, in order to probe the model. Some results are shown below.

Preliminary calculations using the above model show very interesting behaviour of the collective g-factor. This expected to be Z/A, but appears to be negative. An alternative explanation is that quenching of spin g-factor is more than expected.

[ figure : resonance graph ]
Figure: NMR/ON resonance curves for 129,131,133Sb